How to assess hygiene levels while ordering food at an Indian restaurant

ordering food at an Indian restaurant

Indian food is one of the most admired cuisines in the world. The food prepared in Indian cooking is delicious, spicy, and full of several health benefits. From simple Dal Tadkaa to spicy Paneer tikka butter masala, Indian cuisine is of diverse nature and hence caters to the taste requirements of one and all. However, the benefits and deliciousness of Indian food end when it is not prepared hygienically. If you are willing to enjoy the best taste of Indian food, it is important that you choose the best Indian takeaway near me which not only makes tasty food but also maintains the top hygiene levels. Wondering how to assess the hygiene levels maintained by an Indian takeaway near me? Here are a few ways that will help you in finding out whether or not the Indian restaurant you have chosen for your food order is worth trusting:

Check the quality of food:

One of the key indicators of the restaurant’s seriousness towards cleanliness and hygiene is the quality of its food. If a restaurant serves fresh food every time you place an order, they surely pay attention to the hygiene levels. Oftentimes, restaurants store stale food and serve the same to the customers to save resources. This type of food can cause harm to your health and thus must be avoided.

Cleanliness of the restaurant:

The first impression that you get as soon as you enter a restaurant helps you assess the cleanliness levels. To check the hygiene maintained by a restaurant while ordering Indian food near me, checking the cleanliness is important. Check the surroundings as well as the utensils for cleanliness.

Staff appearances:

The way the staff of an Indian restaurant dresses and maintains itself talks a lot about their focus on quality and hygiene. The best Indian takeaway near me will have their staff well dressed and ensure that they appear aesthetically pleasing to the customers.


While ordering Indian food takeaway, you must also consider the quality of packaging to ensure you get the best served. A reliable and hygiene-conscious restaurant will focus on quality packaging to ensure the food reaches the customer fresh, hot, and healthy.

These are some of the ways that you can use to ensure that the Indian food takeaway near me is hygienic and does not pose any threat to your health and well-being.